The One Less Traveled By - Multi-exposure Photography Series

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People traditionally associate a photograph with one moment in time while paintings, drawings, and sculpture are most often thought of as created over time. A photographer can use a long exposure (sometimes aided by a light-reducing filter) to capture time in a photograph. Another approach is a multiple exposure. For each image in “The One Less Traveled By” I used multiple exposures captured and layered within my digital camera to create a single image.

My goal was to bring artistic experimentation back into my digital photography without using analog film. I wanted it to be unpredictable to create something different from what I had seen with my own eyes countless times. With three to eight shots on a single frame, I knew the direction I was aiming for but I could never completely pre-visualize the final result. In many of the images I drew upon the colored filters used by traditional black and white photographers and pushed experimentation even further by using a half-red/half-blue filter and rotating it between each shot of the multiple. The resulting images transform the landscape into the ethereal and abstract.

The series was created along the shoreline and down the path to the lake from my parent’s house on Greers Ferry Lake, Arkansas. This is where I grew up and where I had walked and photographed thousands of times. Over forty years of my life were associated with this place which I called home. These images were created over the four years before my parents moved away and that chapter of my life ended in 2018.

In-camera, multi-exposure photography series shot on Greers Ferry Lake, Arkansas

Limited Edition archival pigment print